Bespoke Handmade Products


Foden Designs

Safari Jewellery represents the best of Foden Designs bespoke wildlife series.Our products are manufactured in association with Foden Designs.A family business with over 50 years combined fine jewellery design experience in the "Afro-Centric" jewellery design and manufacturing sector.

E.W.T Collection

(Launch at the End of September 2017)Safari Jewellery is proud to present the new E.W.T Collection this collection can be purchased from our website or via the E.W.T website as well as from registered retail outlets.Please sign up to receive the latest news and product launches in this very exciting project. Each unit is dedicated to the awareness of endangered species.Sales of products will raise money that will be used by each project to continue the good work.All purchases will receive a certificate of authenticity and appreciation. 

Haglund Jewellery Collections

Safari Jewellery is the sole representative of the Haglund Jeweller Brand.

The business has a legacy of bringing to the market high quality African Designer Jewellery collections.Designer Geoph Foden left us to build his legacy and bring to the market unique products. Each design inspired by the fauna and flora of Africa and built on the basis of showcasing to the World market the true potential of African Designs, Creativity and quality. Representing multiple artisans and providing a platform for future African Artisans to present to the global market their work.Contact us for more details on becoming agents or carrying the Haglund Collections.

African Slide Knot Bangle

African Infinity Slide Knot Bangles

The Slide knot bangle is a bangle that has descended from the traditional elephant hair slide knot bangles.These bangles were worn for over a 1000 years by tribes in Central and Southern Africa symbolizing protection, strength  and  a symbol of love.Given to an individual by there partner with the belief of infinitive love.Today these bangles are manufactured in precious metals and base metals in a variety of colours and sizes.Visit our collection to view our product selection.All our bangles are offered with a certificate of authenticity and a percentage of sales is donated to the elephant project through the Endangered Wildlife trust.

NB - Elephant Hair is illegal , we only use high quality synthetic replica hair.